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Security Overview

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Streamline How You
Manage Access

Centralizing and simplifying how you manage access across your organization, Uniqkey is an IT admin’s dream.

Employee Management
Delegate access and manage security for individual users and groups.
Group Management
Set up department-specific groups to ease how employees access resources.
Onboarding & Offboarding
Automatically grant access to new hires and revoke it when employees leave.
Service Overview
Combat shadow IT with a complete overview of all services used in your organization.
Security Scores
Improve security decisions with security scores of individual users, groups, and services.
Audit Log
Keep a detailed record of all access-related user activities.
Verified Domains
Ensure work accounts are added to your company-owned vault.
Access Restrictions
Limit access to sensitive resources and accounts based on IP, time, and location.
For Business & Enterprise
Implement With
Minimal Struggle
  • Full end-to-end support & guided onboarding
  • On-demand phone and live chat support
  • Dedicated Customer Success manager
  • Always available technical assistance

Make Security Convenient
For Employees

Security is useless if your users choose to circumvent it. Uniqkey makes strong security convenient for employees, ensuring it’s always easy to do the right thing.

Automatic Logins
Empower your workforce with automatic logins for cloud, desktop, and mobile services.
2FA Autofill
Make strong security simple by auto-filling 2FA TOTP codes, automating the 2FA process.
Secure Password Sharing
Ease teamwork by giving people an easy way to share passwords safely.
Integrated Password Generator
Everything you need to improve password hygiene org-wide.
Work & Private Vault
Let users store and manage both work and private logins with ease. Stored safely, but separated.
Offline Password Storage
Maximize security by storing data encrypted and offline on each users’ device.
Notes & Payments Cards
Allow users to manage notes and payment cards securely.
Multi-browser Compatibility
Uniqkey works for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.
Trusted Browser
Increased user friendliness from temporarily letting users skip phone approvals.

Security And Compliance
For Your Business

Centralizing and simplifying how you manage access across your organization, Uniqkey is an IT admin’s dream.

Zero-knowledge Infrastructure
Built on a zero-knowledge infrastructure, only you have access to your encrypted data.
Military Grade Encryption
Uniqkey secures data at rest and in transit using military-grade AES 256 and SHA-256 encryption.
100% GDPR Compliant
Hosted and operated in Denmark, Uniqkey complies with EU’ stringent data security regulations, including GDPR.

Support You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Because serving you is our highest priority.
Avg. response time
21 min
Most providers struggle to reply within 48-72 hours.
Avg. response time
21 min
Most providers struggle to reply within 48-72 hours.
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