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Technology companies face unique challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. From protecting valuable intellectual property to keeping customer data safe, the stakes are high. Uniqkey addresses these issues with solutions like:
Offline Data Storage
2FA Autofill
User-friendly Password Management
Centralized Access Management
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Cybersecurity Challenges Facing
The Tech Sector

Cloud Security Risks
Tech companies often rely on multiple cloud services, making it essential to continuously assess their security protocols to mitigate risks.
Ransomware Vulnerability
The tech sector is a lucrative target for ransomware attacks that can encrypt valuable data, making robust security measures imperative.
Privacy Challenges
Handling vast amounts of sensitive user data comes with complex privacy issues, necessitating ongoing investment in secure data storage and management.
2FA Autofill

Boost 2FA Adoption
Across Multiple Services

To drive innovation tech companies use a range of services and apps, from development tools to cloud storage solutions. Increasing 2FA adoption across these systems significantly increases overall security.
Simplified 2FA Experience
With automated 2FA, encourage more team members to adopt two-factor authentication by making it as seamless as possible.
Service-Wide Security
Consistently apply strong security measures across various services used in your tech firm, strengthening your cybersecurity posture.
Secure Onboarding & Offboarding

Employee Transitions

It’s common for tech companies to face high turnover and rapidly expanding teams. Efficiently and securely managing these transitions is vital for security.
Quick Onboarding
Onboard new team members effortlessly, ensuring they have the appropriate access levels from the get-go.
Thorough Offboarding
Safely and quickly revoke access to projects and data when team members leave, mitigating any risk of unauthorized access.
The reason why we ended up with Uniqkey, was because of the high level of security on their platforms. In particular, it was their offline encryption of our passwords and data combined with their location in Denmark and within Europe that provided us with the necessary security and compliance we needed.
Kristoffer Munch,
Head of IT
Bornholms Energy & Supply
User-friendly Password Management

Security Simplified
For All Skill Levels

Tech teams are diverse, and not everyone is a security expert. Uniqkey makes password management user-friendly for all.
Easy-to-Use Interface
Simplify the process of generating, storing, and retrieving strong passwords for team members of all tech proficiency levels.
Secure Team Collaboration
Enable secure sharing of credentials for projects. Uniqkey ensures that all collaboration is done safely and that users don’t resort to risky password sharing methods.
Offline Data Storage

An Extra Layer of Security
Against Advanced Threats

In the tech industry, where access to various services is part of daily operations, the security of credentials is paramount. By leveraging offline data storage, Uniqkey keeps password data safe from cyberthreats.
Unreachable Passwords
Store crucial passwords offline, making them inaccessible to advanced cyber-attacks like ransomware and spear phishing.
Business Continuity
In the case of a network compromise, your essential credentials remain isolated and secure, enabling continued business operations with minimal disruptions.

You Can Count On

Zero-knowledge Infrastructure
Built on a zero-knowledge infrastructure, only you have access to your encrypted data.
Military Grade Encryption
Uniqkey secures data at rest and in transit using military-grade AES-256 and SHA-256 encryption.
100% GDPR Compliant
Hosted and operated in Denmark, Uniqkey complies with EU’s stringent data security regulations, including GDPR.

Support You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Because serving you is our highest priority.
Avg. response time
21 min
Most providers struggle to reply within 48-72 hours.
Avg. response time
21 min
Most providers struggle to reply within 48-72 hours.
Make 2FA Frictionless Today
Ready to transform 2FA from a chore into a seamless part of your employees’ every day? Schedule a demo of Uniqkey today.
We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.
Kent Kirkegaard
Head of IT at Caljan