Get a Grip on Unapproved
Software and Services

Gain control over Shadow IT by having a single view of all software and services used in your organization. This boosts both security and your ability to respond to hidden security threats.


of IT spending in large enterprises is shadow IT


of SaaS apps are unapproved by IT


of workers admit to using unauthorized software

Why Shadow IT is a Headache

Unapproved software and services, commonly known as Shadow IT, introduce security vulnerabilities and complicate IT management. Here's why it's a concern:
Unapproved software use opens the door to security threats.
Shadow IT can lead to violations of company security policies.
Money spent on unused software licenses is a waste of resources.
Managing IT resources becomes more complex due to Shadow IT.

One Dashboard for Full Control And Visibility

Our Service Overview feature provides a centralized dashboard that displays all software and services used across your organization. This enables you to manage access efficiently, respond to security weaknesses, and get a full overview of your organization’s digital presence.
Automatically map services registered for using a company email.
View all services used by your organization in a single, convenient place.
See how many employees use a specific service.
Get insight into the security score of each account and service.
The reason why we ended up with Uniqkey, was because of the high level of security on their platforms. In particular, it was their offline encryption of our passwords and data combined with their location in Denmark and within Europe that provided us with the necessary security and compliance we needed.
Wim Vingegaard

Shed a Light
on Shadow IT

Get a single view of all software and services, making Shadow IT easier to manage.

Quickly identify and deal with services that pose a potential risk to your organization.

Save costs on inactive licenses by finding and getting rid of software you’re no longer using.

Keep track of software usage to make sure your employees aren’t actively using any software that defies your company security rules.


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Get Shadow IT Under Control Today
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We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.
Kent Kirkegaard
Head of IT at Caljan