Uniqkey For
Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure sectors such as energy, water, and transportation face unique and ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges. Uniqkey helps solve the challenges with solutions like:
Offline Data Storage
2FA Autofill
User-friendly Password Management
Centralized Access Management
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Cybersecurity Challenges Facing
The Critical Infrastructure Sector

Supply Chain Risks
Complex supply networks elevate third-party vulnerability risks in critical infrastructure.
Advanced Persistent Threats
APTs are a heightened risk factor, capable of compromising essential systems.
Outdated Technology
Unsupported legacy systems impede rapid response and increase susceptibility to attacks.
2FA Autofill

Strengthen Defenses Against
Insider Threats and Human Errors

Complex security protocols can often lead to human errors, a significant risk in critical infrastructure settings. Streamline the 2FA process with automated verification.
Error-Free Authentication
Automatically fill in usernames, passwords, and 2FA codes to avoid mistakes, particularly critical in high-stakes environments.-
Streamline 2FA Compliance Efforts
Most security standards require the implementation of 2FA. By automating the process, you boost its adoption across your organization, increasing your ability to meet compliance requirements.
Centralized Access Management

Guard Vital Systems
With Better Control

Unauthorized access to essential services can have far-reaching implications. Centralize your access management to improve both security and operational efficiency.
Role-Based Access Control
Specify who can access sensitive operational and IT systems, down to granular levels. This allows you to manage permissions more effectively, ensuring that only qualified personnel have access to critical systems.
Improve Incident Response
Easily adjust access permissions in real-time during emergencies or heightened threat scenarios. This capability is essential for a rapid response to evolving threats.
The reason why we ended up with Uniqkey, was because of the high level of security on their platforms. In particular, it was their offline encryption of our passwords and data combined with their location in Denmark and within Europe that provided us with the necessary security and compliance we needed.
Kristoffer Munch,
Head of IT
Bornholms Energy & Supply
User-friendly Password Management

Mitigate the Risks
of Poor Password Habits

Streamlining password management is essential for mitigating one of the most common cybersecurity risks: the use of weak or repeated passwords.
Safe Password Vault
Easily create and store high-strength passwords for various systems in a single, secure location.  This centralization enables quick, secure access while maintaining strong security protocols.
Secure Collaboration
Allow team members, from engineers to external contractors, to share critical credentials securely. This facilitates smoother and safer collaborative projects without compromising the integrity of your security measures.
Offline Data Storage

Defend Against
Advanced Cyber Threats

Critical infrastructure entities are prime targets for advanced persistent threats. Storing password data offline provides an additional layer of protection against these complex attacks.
Keep Data Safe Offline
Keep critical passwords stored offline to protect them from remote cyber threats. This ensures that only authorized personnel have access to essential credentials.
Ensure Business Continuity
By keeping essential passwords offline, you ensure that they remain accessible even in the event of network disruptions or cyberattacks.
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You Can Count On

Zero-knowledge Infrastructure
Built on a zero-knowledge infrastructure, only you have access to your encrypted data.
Military Grade Encryption
Uniqkey secures data at rest and in transit using military-grade AES-256 and Argon2ID encryption.
100% GDPR Compliant
Hosted and operated in Denmark, Uniqkey complies with EU’s stringent data security regulations, including GDPR.
Make 2FA Frictionless Today
Ready to transform 2FA from a chore into a seamless part of your employees’ every day? Schedule a demo of Uniqkey today.
We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.
Kent Kirkegaard
Head of IT at Caljan