Individual Security Scores

Improve Security
With Measurable Insights

Inform your security decisions with a quantifiable measure of your organization’s security. Uniqkey provides password strength-based security scores for individual users, groups, and services.
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Transform Cybersecurity
Complexity into Clarity

Foster a Security Conscious Culture
Empower your team to understand and take ownership of their digital security. A clear, intuitive score promotes a proactive approach to cybersecurity.
Ensure Robust Defense
Uncover weak passwords and replace them swiftly. Reinforce your organization's digital fortress, one strong password at a time.
Proactively Address Vulnerabilities
Use Security Scores as your cybersecurity radar. Detect weak spots and act before they're exploited.

Gain Insights into Your
Organization's Security Health

Elevate your security strategy by quantifying the strength of passwords across your organization. Uniqkey assigns numerical scores to users, services, and groups, providing a comprehensive view of your security posture.
Assess individual user security with numerical scores
Monitor the security robustness of different services
Evaluate the security level of various departments or groups
Get an overall security score for your entire organization
User Security
Uniqkey scores each user's password strength, helping you identify who may need additional training or stronger credentials.
Group Security
Get a clear picture of where to focus your security efforts. Uniqkey evaluates the collective security of your groups.
Services Security
Discover the security robustness of the various services your organization relies on, giving you a heads-up on potential risk areas.
Average Organization Security
Inform your broader security initiatives with a security score that shows the password security health of your entire organization.

Use Cases

Elevate Employee Security
Encourage employees to assess their security score, fortify weak passwords, and reinforce their personal cybersecurity.
Monitor Your Security Levels
Monitor your organization's cybersecurity health. Identify weak links and spearhead initiatives to enhance the security of business-critical accounts.
Targeted Cybersecurity Training
Use security scores as a guide for your training initiatives. Focus on areas that need the most improvement and elevate your security posture.
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