Cross-Device Sync

Seamless Password Sync
Across All Devices

Ensure your team's passwords are consistently available, securely and conveniently, across all devices—be it mobile or desktop.
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Streamline Password Management
with Cross-Device Sync

Always Use Updated Passwords
Eliminate the risk of using outdated passwords. Changes sync instantly across all devices.
Secure Your Sync
Data is encrypted before syncing. This way only authorized users can access sensitive information.
Access Anywhere, Securely
Whether in the office or remote, your team's passwords are always accessible and secure.

Always Have The Correct Logins At Hand

Uniqkey ensures that your organization always has the correct logins readily available by offering a seamless and secure cross-device experience.
Access the right logins on your phone or computer, always
Encryption reduces risk while syncing
Access passwords without internet connection
Automatic syncing saves time and reduces manual errors
Cross-Device Sync
Wherever Uniqkey is installed, your passwords are there too. Uniqkey securely syncs passwords across all your phones and computers.
1-hour Offline Mode
No internet? No issue. Our 1-hour offline mode lets your team access passwords on synced devices without internet.
Minimize errors. Uniqkey auto-updates passwords across devices when changed, so your team always have the right access.

Use Cases

Centralized IT Management
Uniqkey's cross-device sync allows IT managers to maintain centralized control over password policies, even in diverse device environments.
Remote Work Security
Ensure that remote team members always have secure and updated access to necessary resources, without compromising on security.
Business Continuity
In case of device loss or failure, the team can immediately access needed passwords on alternative devices, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
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Get Your Access Under
Control With Uniqkey
Join 400+ European businesses using Uniqkey to simplify 
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We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.
Kent Kirkegaard
Head of IT at Caljan