Audit Log

Ease Compliance
With a Simple Audit Log

Improve your compliance readiness with our Audit Log. Get immediate visibility into user actions, so you can respond quickly to anomalies and facilitate audits.
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Simple And Clear
Activity Logging

Actively Monitor All User Actions
Never miss any critical event. Stay on top of every activity, from admin promotions to login changes.
Detect Suspicious Activity Quickly
Identify potential security threats by spotting unusual activities, reducing the risk of breaches.
Simplify Your Compliance Efforts
Leverage detailed activity logs to include in reports for audits, compliance, or breach investigations.

Streamlined Audit Logging

Elevate your security and compliance posture with our streamlined Audit Log. Designed for IT decision-makers, it focuses on the essentials: who did what and when.
Capture essential details: user, action, and date
Easily spot unusual user activity and back track it
Simplify compliance with easy-to-read logs
Make informed decisions with straightforward data
Audit Log
Get a simple view of user actions. Uniqkey captures the date, the user, and the action description for easy monitoring and compliance.
Last Activity
Quickly identify the most recent actions taken by users, aiding in immediate assessment and decision-making.
Easy-to-Read Format
The Audit Log is designed for clarity, making it easy to quickly understand the activities and take appropriate actions.

Use Cases

Security Oversight
Leverage the Audit Log for immediate awareness of all user activities, allowing for quick identification and action on potential security threats.
Streamlined Compliance
Use the Audit Log to easily demonstrate compliance during internal or external audits, reducing the complexity and stress of the audit process.
Efficient Breach Response
In case of a security breach, rely on the Audit Log for a detailed record of user activities, facilitating quicker investigation and resolution.
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