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Achieve your password security goals with Uniqkey, Europe’s RoboForm alternative for businesses. Eliminate password risk and solve your access management needs, all in one tool.

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Manage all employee access from one platform. Control permissions with flexibility and get actionable security insights.
Simplify and centralize access control for IT
End password risks and frustration org-wide
Gain full service visibility to combat shadow IT
Make strong security 
convenient for everyone
Future-proof Security
Friction prevents users from implementing 2FA. Uniqkey removes this friction completely by fetching and auto-filling TOTP codes for a 100% automatic 2FA flow. No separate authenticator app needed.
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Cross Platform
Accessibility is key to thriving in the modern business environment. Uniqkey works for cloud, desktop and mobile, ensuring you’re protected no matter what platform you’re using.
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Offline Data Storage
Secure your data the right way. Unlike most providers who store data in the cloud, Uniqkey stores all data encrypted and offline on each user’s own device. This adds an element of security not achievable with cloud storage.
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Automatic 2FA Flow
Manually dealing with two-factor authentication tokens is a hassle. Uniqkey removes all 2FA-related friction by autofilling your TOTP codes for you. Simply request a login, accept on your phone and watch as Uniqkey fetches your 2FA codes, enters them, and automatically logs you in. Every time.
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Ranked #1 Password Manager for Teams Globally by

Rated #1 Easiest To Use Password Manager by G2

Awarded Top 50 Security Product by G2 out of 800+ global security products

Software review platform G2 ranked Uniqkey the #31 Best Security Product in a category of 800+ products.

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Ease of Use
Ease of Setup
Ease of admin
Quality of Support
Two-Factor Authentification
Quick Login
Browser Extension


Ease of Use
Ease of setup
Ease of admin
Quality of Support
Two-Factor Authentification
Quick Login
Browser Extension

LastPass Breaches

Manage all Despite its heavy focus on security, LastPass has been the victim of several large data breaches in recent times, sowing doubt in its ability to keep customer data safe. In August 2022, LastPass was hit once again. This time sensitive customer data such as encrypted passwords was compromised.access from one platform. Control permissions with flexibility and get actionable security insights.
To educate yourself on the situation, go to LastPass’ incident post here.
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Join 500+ European businesses using Uniqkey to simplify
how they manage passwords and access.
Our employees' passwords were the weakest link in our security. Uniqkey solved that immediately.
Kristoffer Munch
Head of IT,
Bornholms Energy & Supply

Switching To Uniqkey
Is Easy

Transition your entire organization to Uniqkey effortlessly. 

Our onboarding process is designed for easy transfer; simply export your current passwords and import them into Uniqkey for instant, secure access across all devices.

Yes, RoboForm offers reasonable security features, but some users find its privacy policy difficult to understand. Furthermore, the UI/UX may present challenges for IT admins, potentially hindering smooth operation within a business environment.

RoboForm excels for individual use, but businesses might encounter drawbacks that affect its overall usability. Here are some key disadvantages:

  • Centralized Management Limitations: Lacks granular controls and reporting needed for large teams and European businesses
  • Inconsistent User Experience: Differences between desktop and mobile apps can cause friction
  • Support: Priority support is only available with higher-priced subscriptions
  • Advanced Security Features: Some businesses may require more robust security options than what RoboForm offers
  • Onboarding: End-to-end onboarding is not offered, but IT onboarding is available in higher-priced subscriptions

According to RoboForm, deleting your account is permanent. All your passwords and data will be lost and cannot be recovered. We strongly recommend exporting all passwords from your RoboForm account before deletion. Follow the steps to delete your RoboForm account:

  1. Log into your Account: Go to the RoboForm website and log in to your RoboForm Online account at
  2. Access Settings:  From the top navigation, select the "My Settings" tab, followed by "User Settings" from the drop-down menu.
  3. Find the 'Delete Account' Option: In the User Settings page, locate the "Storage" section. You should find the "Delete Account" button here.
  4. Confirmation: Clicking "Delete Account" will prompt you for your Master Password and ask you to confirm. Provide your Master Password and confirm the deletion.

Here's a breakdown of how to export your passwords from RoboForm. Note that the steps might slightly vary depending on whether you're using RoboForm on Windows, Mac, or a mobile device.

Steps for Windows and Mac

  1. Open RoboForm: Launch the RoboForm application on your computer.
  2. Access Options/Settings:
    • Windows: Click the RoboForm icon in the taskbar (system tray), then choose "Options".
    • Mac: Click the RoboForm icon in the menu bar and select "Preferences".
  3. Go to Account & Data: In the Options or Preferences window, navigate to the "Account & Data" tab.
  4. Click Export: Find the "Export" button.
  5. Master Password: Enter your RoboForm Master Password when prompted for security.
  6. Choose Data: Select the type of data you want to export (Logins, Bookmarks, Safenotes, etc.).
  7. Select CSV Format: Under "Format", choose "CSV file". This is a common format compatible with many password managers.
  8. Choose Location: Determine where you'd like to save the exported file. Choose a secure andmemorable location.
  9. Click Export: Start the export process.
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