Automatic Logins

Seamless, Secure Access
To All Your Accounts

Say goodbye to password hassles org-wide. Give your employees the joy of an automatic login process for all cloud, desktop and mobile services.
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The New Standard
for Easy Logins

Instant Access, Zero Typing
Uniqkey auto-fills your credentials for you, letting you access your services with zero manual input.
Strong Passwords Made Easy
When you don’t have to remember passwords, you can start implementing strong, unique passwords for every single one of your accounts.
Seamless Logins Everywhere
Logging in should be easy, everywhere. Enjoy the same effortless login process across mobile, desktop, or cloud services.

Simple And Secure Logins For Your Team

Streamline your team's login experience without compromising security. From autofill features to multi-platform compatibility, Uniqkey offers a comprehensive solution for secure and efficient access to all your accounts
Instant access to any account
Reliable security across platforms
Approve on your phone to get access
Optional phone approval skipping
Username & Password Autofill
Empower your team with instant access to any account. Uniqkey saves all credentials and auto-fills them upon request..
Continual Authentication
Reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Continuous authentication requires users to confirm each login attempt via their phone.
Multi-Platform Compatibility
Provide your team with a secure login experience on any platform. Uniqkey supports cloud, mobile and desktop.
Trusted Browser
Allow users to skip phone approvals for quicker logins. Note: this feature requires organizational approval and lowers security.

Use Cases

Streamline Onboarding
Make the first days for new employees smoother. Quick access to tools boosts productivity from day one.
Improve Remote Work Security
Enable a secure remote work setup. Credential auto-fill and continuous authentication lets your team securely access services from anywhere.
Optimize IT Resources
Cut down on IT tasks related to password issues. With effortless access to accounts, your IT team can focus on more strategic initiatives.
Support You Won’t Get Anywhere Else
Because serving you is our highest priority.
Avg. response time
21 min
Most providers struggle to reply within 48-72 hours.
Avg. Wait time Phone support
<2 min
Uniqkey offers support for all admins and end users

Loved for Our Usability

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Uniqkey is loved by both IT specialists and non-techies. How do we know? Because they’ve told us.
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Ease of Use
Quality of Support
Ease of Setup
No Third-Party Data Transfer
Get Your Access Under
Control With Uniqkey
Join 400+ European businesses using Uniqkey to simplify 
how they manage passwords and access.
We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.
Kent Kirkegaard
Head of IT at Caljan