Prioritizing 2FA to maximize security org-wide

We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.

Kent Kirkegaard, IT Manager

Before Implementing Uniqkey
Employees didn't use 2FA verification
Passwords were stored unsafely in browsers
Admins had no overview and control of company services and employee accesses
After Implementing Uniqkey
Credentials and 2FA codes are auto-filled by Uniqkey making 2FA adoption effortless for employees
Password Manager safely stores and remembers employee's passwords
Access Management platform grants admins full overview and control of employee accesses and services
Company Name
Logistics automation
About The Company
750 employees

The Challenge

Prioritizing 2FA to maximize security org-wide

Caljan is a logistics automation technology provider specializing in helping parcel carriers, retailers, and manufacturers around the globe handle loose cargo efficiently. In 2019 Caljan was acquired by a larger corporation and had to rebuild its IT infrastructure from scratch as part of the acquisition. One of the main cybersecurity projects that had to be prioritized in this extensive IT project was the implementation of a 2FA solution.

To maximize login security for all its employees and prevent outside actors from accessing critical company data logistics automation technology provider Caljan sought a 2FA solution that was both easy to use for employees, fast to implement, and required minimal administration from the IT department.

The Solution

Security Ease-of-use 2FA

"We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle." - Kent Kirkegaard, IT Manager at Caljan

2FA is considered one of the most effective ways of protecting an organization against security threats that target user credentials such as phishing, brute-forcing, and social engineering attacks and thus finding and implementing a 2FA solution across the entire organization was a low-hanging fruit in terms of security ROI that had utmost priority for Caljan.

"2FA is a low-hanging fruit when it comes to security return on investment so finding a solution that fits our organization's needs was on top of the priority list" explains Caljan IT manager Kent Kirkegaard.

Limited IT resources lead to high demands

But not any solution would suffice. Limited by budget and manpower Kent Kirkegaard sought a solution that would require minimal administration to manage while offering an intuitive user experience for the end-user to ensure adoption. As an IT manager Kent always tries to put himself in the shoes of the end-user when evaluating new software and tools.

"Everyone is busy. If a tool isn’t easy to use nobody will use it. And so the usability of a solution plays a huge role in the final decision-making."

Simplicity is the key to security

To implement 2FA protection on its employees’ most used and thus most vulnerable services (their Microsoft 365 accounts) Caljan decided to use Uniqkey as their org-wide 2FA solution.

With Uniqkey at hand, all Caljan employees have a simple tool to authenticate their logins safely and easily. To securely log on to services, employees simply request a login and then accept it on the Uniqkey app which then auto-fills all credentials and 2FA codes and logs them in.

In addition to the 2FA solution, Uniqkey also helps Caljan's employees adopt better password hygiene via its user-friendly password management solution that securely stores and remembers employees’ passwords, lets users create and use high-strength passwords with its integrated password generator, and enables simple and secure password sharing between individuals and departments.

Combined, Uniqkey provides simple and effective solutions to an array of Caljan’s critical cybersecurity challenges. All delivered in one tool.

The Result

2FA is now effortless for Caljan's employees, maximizing login security org-wide

By using Uniqkey, Caljan has managed to maximize security levels across their entire organization by making 2FA protection effortless to handle for the end-user. 2FA adds friction to an employee’s login flow but with Uniqkey, the process is now automatic and effortless. Because of the intuitive nature of the Uniqkey user experience, the implementation time has been fast, employee pushback minimal, and admin oversight next to none.

With its “bonus” password management features, Caljan has also solved future password-related problems.

Today Caljan’s IT department works more efficiently as they’re able to safely share logins between key individuals. Managing dozens of separate IT systems, this has had a measurable positive impact on their overall workflow.

Password management as bonus value

Furthermore, before Uniqkey, employees stored their passwords in various browsers. Today they have an easy and secure way to store their passwords as well as upgrade their password security without

Three Reasons Why Caljan
Chose Uniqkey
Easy to use in a busy day

Uniqkey is first and foremost incredibly easy touse. This is a huge advantage, as anycomplexity of a tool will hinder user adoption.By being simple to use, employees willinglyadopt the tool as part of their daily workflow,increasing the organization's cybersecurity inthe process.

Makes 2FA adoption effortless

2FA is inherently time-consuming as it addsextra steps to a user's login flow. Byautomating the entering of 2FA codes, andsimply requiring the user to authorize the loginon their phone, 2FA is made frictionless, whichstrengthens the adoption of the securitysystem.

Requires minimal administration

Because of its intuitive and self-serving design,Uniqkey requires little administration. This hasbeen cruical for Caljans IT department aslimited resources forces them to be as efficientin their job as possible. Uniqkey's centralizedaccess management platform also makesemployee access delegation simple andeffective.

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We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.
Kent Kirkegaard
Head of IT at Caljan