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Enter Profitable Partnership
Cybersecurity is in high demand. As a Uniqkey partner, you can profit off of a growing global need for better security solutions.
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Users love Uniqkey. Add stickyness to your product portfolio with a solution businesses can't live without.
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Credential-based cybercrime is hurting businesses. With Uniqkey, you can offer a simple solution for a complex problem.

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Human-centric Tool
Complexity kills user adoption. That's why Uniqkey is engineered to be easily used by anyone. Regardless of their tech-savvyness.
High-impact Security
IAM professionals recognizes password managers as the best value for security investment.
Fast Implementation
Uniqkey integrates with existing infrastructure for a quick and painless implementation.

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Administrate your customer's infrastructure and increase their access security with ease to become an indispensable part of their organization
Do you love Uniqkey? Profit from your love by referring customers to Uniqkey and earning commission for each succesful sale.
Become a Uniqkey reseller and add value and stickyness to your customer base with our award-winning password and access management platform.
Create new integrations or use Uniqkey as your main 2FA authenticator on your platform. Build and integrate solutions in your platform.


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