Password Sharing

Securely Share Passwords
With Teams

Share logins between team members and entire departments with a few clicks. And have all the tools to ensure privacy and maximize security.
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Make Login Sharing
Simple And Secure

Reduce Security Risks
Stop risky password sharing. Give everyone in your organization a safer way to share passwords and secure data.
Control Who Has Access
Stay in control of who has access to what by leveraging an organized and secure method of password sharing.
Enable Safe Collaboration
People share logins. With Uniqkey, you can ensure that password sharing is done in an efficient, organized, and secure way. Or restrict it altogether.

Security You Can Control

With Uniqkey, you can share logins between team members and entire departments with a few clicks, and have all the tools at hand to ensure privacy and maximize security.
Share with groups
Track sharing history
Choose your restrictions
Share 2FA codes
Group Sharing
Need to share a login with a whole team? Easy. Uniqkey lets you share logins with entire groups at a time.
Custom Restrictions
Share logins without revealing passwords. Limit sharing to a set time period. Or hand over full control. The choice is yours.
Sharing History
See who shared what. As an admin, Uniqkey helps you keep track of password sharing in your organization.
2FA Code Sharing
Easily delegate code share to your 2FA-protected accounts without the need to manually share TOTP codes.

Use Cases

Emergency Access
Uniqkey helps in emergencies. If a team member with a specific password can’t be reached, grant the necessary access quickly and securely to others.
Easy Onboarding
Onboard new team members smoothly. Grant them access to necessary systems quickly without revealing sensitive passwords.
Remote Teamwork
Uniqkey is perfect for remote teams. Share passwords safely, stay organized, and ensure smooth collaboration, no matter where your team members are located.
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Get Your Access Under
Control With Uniqkey
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how they manage passwords and access.
We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.
Kent Kirkegaard
Head of IT at Caljan