Multi-Browser Compatibility

One Password Manager
For All Your Browsers

Experience seamless password management across Edge, Chrome, and Safari. Uniqkey's multi-browser compatibility makes it fit any IT infrastructure.
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Unmatched Flexibility
Across Browsers

Universal Accessibility
Access secure logins on all major browsers—Edge, Chrome, and Safari—ensuring your team is never limited by browser choice.
Simplified IT Infrastructure
Integrate Uniqkey seamlessly into any IT environment, eliminating the need to worry about browser compatibility.
Consistent User Experience
Maintain a consistent Uniqkey experience across all browsers, ensuring settings and passwords remain uniform.

Uniqkey Works Where You Do

Uniqkey is designed to adapt to your organization's choice of browsers, streamlining password management while upholding rigorous security standards.
Effortlessly use Uniqkey on Edge, Chrome, and Safari
Simplify IT management with easy integration
Maintain uniform settings and passwords across browsers
No third-party can see user data. Not even Uniqkey
Uniqkey is fully compatible with Microsoft Edge, aligning with Windows-based IT infrastructures.
Uniqkey fully supports Chrome, offering a robust solution for organizations that prefer this browser.
For organizations using Macs, Uniqkey provides a smooth and secure experience on Safari.

Use Cases

Simplify Cross-Browser Operations
Enable seamless browser transitions within your organization, maintaining secure access to passwords.
Streamline IT Infrastructure
Integrate Uniqkey into multi-browser IT environments, eliminating the hassle of dealing with compatibility issues.
Balance Personal and Professional Needs
Offer a secure, multi-browser solution that meets both personal and professional requirements, without compromising on security.
Support You Won’t Get Anywhere Else
Because serving you is our highest priority.
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21 min
Most providers struggle to reply within 48-72 hours.
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<2 min
Uniqkey offers support for all admins and end users

Loved for Our Usability

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Uniqkey is loved by both IT specialists and non-techies. How do we know? Because they’ve told us.
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Ease of Use
Quality of Support
Ease of Setup
No Third-Party Data Transfer
Get Your Access Under
Control With Uniqkey
Join 400+ European businesses using Uniqkey to simplify 
how they manage passwords and access.
We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.
Kent Kirkegaard
Head of IT at Caljan