Employee Management

Manage Employees Easily
From One Place

Take full control over user access. Manage and monitor employee access, secure notes, and groups, while tracking individual security scores for a secure workspace.
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Gain Total Control
Over Employee Access and Security

Maintain Complete User Overview
View each employee's access to logins, secure notes, and groups for a detailed understanding of your digital presence.
Delegate Access Effortlessly
Keep your workforce flexible and secure. Assign or revoke access to logins, secure notes, and groups with just a few clicks.
Improve Security Oversight
Ensure your security measures are robust. Track individual security scores and monitor access to logins and secure notes.

Streamline How You Control Access

Keep your team flexible and productive by easily controlling who has access to what. Uniqkey lets you grant and revoke access as needed, manage the resources each user has access to, while keeping a detailed record for compliance and security.
Grant or revoke access to logins, notes and groups
Enable secure login sharing among team members
Maintain personal audit logs for compliance
Support for detailed auditing processes
Remove And Grant Access
Seamlessly grant or revoke access to logins, notes, and groups to ensure only authorized users can reach critical data.
Employee Audit Log
Keep track of each employee's login-related actions with detailed logs, supporting audit processes.
Security Scores
See individual security scores for each employee, calculated based on general password strength.

Use Cases

Streamlined Employee Onboarding
Get new hires up to speed quickly by easily assigning them to the right groups and resources, cutting down onboarding time.
Agile Access Control
Easily adjust access levels to ensure the right people have the right resources while keeping your network secure.
Cut Down On Unused Licenses
Identify unused services or licenses and make informed decisions about resource allocation and renewals, driving cost efficiency
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We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.
Kent Kirkegaard
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